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How Much Should You Spend on IT?

This is a topic that I find highly valuable – as a tool for interacting with leadership, scoping solutions for small businesses as a consultant, and simply to understand and be able to communicate the value of your IT organization. I propose that while CIOs know the total cost of their IT organization, few of … Continue reading

Why Companies Resist the Cloud and Is It Warranted?

Despite the hype many companies are resisting a major cloud transition and this is often at the recommendation of internal IT managers. So the question must be raised – why? While every company is different I see four primary sources of resistance and each source has a separate rationale. From CIOs to IT managers, system … Continue reading

The Only TWO Important Interview Questions

In response to, “The Most Important Interview Question of All Time” by Lou Adler, I am contributing my own advice. As you might infer I disagree with Lou here. It is not so much that his single “most important interview question” is wrong but that his line of questioning that follows is wrong – and … Continue reading

Build a Company Dashboard with Raspberry Pi, Geckoboard, and Django

     I came across an excellent, practical, and easy-to-implement project this week that utilizes the Raspberry Pi and Geckoboard in order to power a company dashboard. As a result I went on to implement my own version with a few minor additions and customization so I made notes to share. I had a 42″ plasma … Continue reading

Custom CloudWatch metric for memory? Reporting memory to CloudWatch…

As you grow your infrastructure on Amazon Cloud additional monitoring is imperative. Here is an excellent “how to” for recording memory utilization as a custom metric: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=266893 Related articles New Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts (aws.typepad.com) Report memory utilization to CloudWatch on Amazon EC2 (james-singh.com)

2013: Out with the Old and in with … ITaaS?

The IT landscape changes frequently as technology evolves, new models emerge, and demands change. Big data has necessitated the ability for big data analysis and cloud computing is allowing small companies to rent access to the same compute power once only available to organizations with much deeper pockets. As a result even one-man shops and … Continue reading

Host your “ownCloud” on a Raspberry Pi Cluster!

I have acquired four Raspberry Pi Model B devices since they were initially released – one of which has the upgraded 512MB RAM that I am so desperately anxious to play with. As such I identified a number of excellent learning projects to start with – some already complete and others pending: Nintendo Game Console … Continue reading