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Google Compute Engine: A Viable Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service Competitor | A Cloudy Place

I write a lot about Amazon Web Services as that is what I am most familiar with but I wanted to post a comparison for contrast. I was actually quite impressed with the competitiveness across services (which included AWS, Google CE, and Windows Azure). Still, I would say hands-down Amazon is the cheapest overall and … Continue reading

The Changing Role of the CIO [Infographic]

The Changing Role of the CIO [Infographic] via Guy Kawasaki, “Cloud users save an average of 21 percent annually by moving apps to the cloud”

4 Ways CIOs Can Immediately Leverage the Cloud

Cloud technology. It is not a new concept or model. In fact, it really isn’t new at all. Cloud technology has been around for years but since around 2008 we have seen a rise – in public awareness and in its use. This is in part due to large companies such as Amazon (EC2), Google … Continue reading

Scale On-Demand and Reduce your Backup and File Share Costs with AWS Storage Gateway

Find out more about how you can use the AWS Storage Gateway to reduce the cost of your departmental backup and file share storage by joining our Dec 5, 10am PST webinar. During the webinar, we’ll discuss how you can easily deploy our recently launched Gateway-Cached volumes feature to reliably back up your on-premises data … Continue reading

CIO vs. CTO – What’s The Difference?

I often find myself in discussions with recruiters, business owners, even other IT managers who are confused about the difference between a Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a Chief Technical Officer (CTO). This is really an observation more so than a stated fact but it is somewhat disconcerting to think that companies are hiring executive … Continue reading

Delivering Cloud Backup and Archive Solutions with Amazon Web Services

Join AWS, Avnet and Riverbed Technologies to learn about Avnet’s Cloud Backup for Enterprise, a data protection solution that seamlessly combines industry-leading deduplication, encryption and WAN acceleration from Riverbed with Amazon S3. Learn about Avnet’s promotion for a pre-configured solution that offers no commitment, subscription fee service to support your Enterprise and Mid-Market customers. >> … Continue reading

Automated Attached EBS Volume Backup Solution

There are as many backup solutions on Amazon as there are applications. I have launched many EC2 instances in AWS and, while the storage configurations vary for each instance – instance-store, single EBS volumes with an ext3 filesystem, multiple EBS volumes with an xfs filesystem with a virtual group and logical volume, etc. I needed … Continue reading