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Custom CloudWatch metric for memory? Reporting memory to CloudWatch…

As you grow your infrastructure on Amazon Cloud additional monitoring is imperative. Here is an excellent “how to” for recording memory utilization as a custom metric: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=266893 Related articles New Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts (aws.typepad.com) Report memory utilization to CloudWatch on Amazon EC2 (james-singh.com) Advertisements

4 Ways CIOs Can Immediately Leverage the Cloud

Cloud technology. It is not a new concept or model. In fact, it really isn’t new at all. Cloud technology has been around for years but since around 2008 we have seen a rise – in public awareness and in its use. This is in part due to large companies such as Amazon (EC2), Google … Continue reading

Automated Attached EBS Volume Backup Solution

There are as many backup solutions on Amazon as there are applications. I have launched many EC2 instances in AWS and, while the storage configurations vary for each instance – instance-store, single EBS volumes with an ext3 filesystem, multiple EBS volumes with an xfs filesystem with a virtual group and logical volume, etc. I needed … Continue reading