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Implementing Cron Jobs with Elastic Beanstalk

Implementing Cron Jobs with Elastic Beanstalk

If you have worked with cron jobs with Elastic Beanstalk then you know they can be confusing starting out. Here is a simple solution that I use. It prevents duplicate cron tasks, and makes adding new cron jobs really easy! 1. In your .ebextensions/project.config, add a container command (it is listed first in my application): … Continue reading


  • I will write a new post soon (when I can catch up on some much needed sleep) regarding how to create your first EBS image. It is certainly a challenge and every resource that I have found so far has an issue: not enough detail, skipping parts, inaccurate commands due to version incompatibilities, etc. But, my greatest challenge was actually the grub boot loader configuration. I will expand on that as well but until then this is a great overview for configuring grub (although it does not cover the installation itself which is equally critical), and in particular - setting the root volume label, which I did not read in any related tutorials: Eucalyptus | Create an EBS image from existing image.
  • As you grow your infrastructure on Amazon Cloud additional monitoring is imperative. Here is an excellent "how to" for recording memory utilization as a custom metric: https://forums.aws.amazon.com/message.jspa?messageID=266893 Related articles New Amazon CloudWatch Monitoring Scripts (aws.typepad.com) Report memory utilization to CloudWatch on Amazon EC2 (james-singh.com)
  • I have acquired four Raspberry Pi Model B devices since they were initially released - one of which has the upgraded 512MB RAM that I am so desperately anxious to play with. As such I identified a number of excellent learning projects to start with - some already complete and others pending: Nintendo Game Console replacement (complete), WebIOPi interface (complete), XBMC Media Player (complete). The one I am most anxious for is (more…)
  • I write a lot about Amazon Web Services as that is what I am most familiar with but I wanted to post a comparison for contrast. I was actually quite impressed with the competitiveness across services (which included AWS, Google CE, and Windows Azure). Still, I would say hands-down Amazon is the cheapest overall and most businesses are unlikely to disburse their resources across multiple clouds (although that leaves the door open for numerous other discussions I am certain I will entertain at a later date). Google is lacking (more…)
  • The Changing Role of the CIO [Infographic] via Guy Kawasaki, "Cloud users save an average of 21 percent annually by moving apps to the cloud"

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