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Host your “ownCloud” on a Raspberry Pi Cluster!

Raspberry Pi ComputerI have acquired four Raspberry Pi Model B devices since they were initially released – one of which has the upgraded 512MB RAM that I am so desperately anxious to play with. As such I identified a number of excellent learning projects to start with – some already complete and others pending: Nintendo Game Console replacement (complete), WebIOPi interface (complete), XBMC Media Player (complete). The one I am most anxious for is the Raspberry Pi Cluster built by Southampton University. I have already completed the build for the primary node and installed ownCloud to manage content. I do not anticipate that I will be competing with AWS any time soon but I am off to a good start for data storage throughout my home and across all of my own personal devices! Next step? Node two and modifying ownCloud to take advantage of the MPICH messaging interface. Want to try yourself? Follow these instructions and come back to see how I modify ownCloud.


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Independent IT Consultant. Cloud Expert. United States Navy Veteran. Dedicated. Focused. Driven. I make companies better by developing applications to meet specific business needs on reliable, cost-efficient cloud infrastructure. If the right solution doesn't exist then create it. I have achieved my greatest accomplishments because someone else told me "it's not possible; there is no way to do it" - and now there is.


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