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Code Release: PostgreSQL Query Cache

Source Code GitHub: https://github.com/colemanc0709/pqc HTTPS Clone URL: https://github.com/colemanc0709/pqc.git Background A while back I was having some major issues with a project regarding the PostgreSQL database queries. The fact was the queries were poorly written and the application was built in such a way that every page view yielded 50+ queries. Performance was an issue and … Continue reading

Eucalyptus | Create an EBS image from existing image

I will write a new post soon (when I can catch up on some much needed sleep) regarding how to create your first EBS image. It is certainly a challenge and every resource that I have found so far has an issue: not enough detail, skipping parts, inaccurate commands due to version incompatibilities, etc. But, … Continue reading

Building a Private AWS-compatible Cloud for $400

I wrote a short post earlier in the week titled Eucalyptus Cloud on Ubuntu 13.04┬áSE. This is the promised follow-up to that post and has since been revised which I will explain below. I often use Ubuntu in development environments due to the community support and large availability of libraries and third-party repositories. Over the … Continue reading