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Code Release: PostgreSQL Query Cache

Source Code GitHub: https://github.com/colemanc0709/pqc HTTPS Clone URL: https://github.com/colemanc0709/pqc.git Background A while back I was having some major issues with a project regarding the PostgreSQL database queries. The fact was the queries were poorly written and the application was built in such a way that every page view yielded 50+ queries. Performance was an issue and … Continue reading

Is Coding the new Fundamental Skill for Childhood Education?

When I was a kid most of the people I grew up with did not own a computer – and I do not mean personally but even within their household. By high school it had become an expectation that your papers were typed and if you didn’t own a computer by then you probably had … Continue reading

Django with S3 Part One by Mike Lewis

Django with S3 Part One Posted by Mike Lewis in Django This is the first in a series of posts regarding serving your media from S3 with various plugins. This particular post will go over static files using django-storages, s3boto, and multiple S3 buckets. Click here to read more …

Build a Company Dashboard with Raspberry Pi, Geckoboard, and Django

     I came across an excellent, practical, and easy-to-implement project this week that utilizes the Raspberry Pi and Geckoboard in order to power a company dashboard. As a result I went on to implement my own version with a few minor additions and customization so I made notes to share. I had a 42″ plasma … Continue reading