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Maximizing your IT Potential

My inspiration for this post was from a comment made by Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon.com, Inc., at the recent re:Invent Amazon conference in Las Vegas: I organized the topics in this post by quotations from Jeff in the video above. I very frequently get the question, “what’s going to change in the … Continue reading

If I were Facebook’s CEO …

I, like anyone born in the past 30 years, have a Facebook account – one that I use regularly and frequently. Maybe it’s just status quo working in the IT industry; maybe it’s an online backup for my photo albums; or maybe it’s yet another way to promote my own advice and commentary that I’m … Continue reading

Four Qualities of a Successful Resume

In sorting through resumes recently I was quickly reminded how rare it is to come across a good resume. One would think that with a down economy (whether we are in the midst of a recession or just creeping out of one), high unemployment rates (7.8% in Colorado at the moment), and an uncertain future, … Continue reading

Tim Berners-Lee Created an Opportunity

Tim Berners-Lee is the founder of what we know today as the Internet (yes, it’s true – not Al Gore, sorry to disappoint). He published the first web page August 6, 1981 at the CERN facility in Switzerland – two years and nine days before my birth, and even today helps define the standards of … Continue reading